Iron Editor Otakon 2014 Info

MyCatHatesYouAMV has gotten himself into a Hot Mess taking on newly crowned Otakon Iron Editor champion KireBlue.  Will KireBlue score another victory or will Otakon 2014 be his Final Destination?

What is this I don’t even
Each contestant will have two hours to create an AMV that doesn’t suck and adheres to the theme “SPACE”.  Only ONE man will emerge victorious, and that man…is Chuck Norris.  But if TWO men happen to emerge victorious, it’ll be Chuck and one of these Goofy Goobers.

Each contestant will be given 5 anime sources, and all five must be used. Each contestant is allowed to cut their audio ahead of time and bring it with them to the event. They may bring multiple tracks if they so desire, as no audio will be provided during the event. In addition, each editor must use at least 1 second of the secret ingredient.

Space Dandy (1-4)
Yamato 2199 (23-26)
Welcome to the Space Show
Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa
Gurren Lagann: The Lights in the Sky are Stars
Plus a secret ingredient too awesome to list!

When and Where:
AMV Theater, baby!  It is currently scheduled for Saturday 7:30pm-10:30pm, with the AMV Contest Awards dished out AFTER Iron Editor.  Times are subject to change.  Nightmistress, Vivifx, and whoever else we can guilt into helping, will be hosting the event, and as always, we’ll have prizes and stuff for the audience too.

Why not? Also there’s a medal and stuff.

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