Iron Editor

Render-chan_flat_croppedIron Editor is a 2-hour contest in which AMV editors compete to see who can create the best AMV in the time allotted.

The event was created by Patrick Bohnet and Daric Jackson for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2000 under the name “Iron Chef: AMV”.  It carried that name until 2005 when they asked Omar Jenkins and Victor Boruta to take over the event and renamed it to Iron Editor.

Since it’s inception, Iron Chef: AMV/Iron Editor has been a featured event at Anime Weekend Atlanta, FAnime, Anime Central, Otakon, AnimeUSA and Sakura-Con.

The typical rules are as follows:

  • Each editor is provided with their own computer.  Computers are identical in both their hardware and software configurations.
  • Editors are provided with 5 anime sources.  The editors are informed ahead of time which anime/episodes will be required.
  • Editors are presented with a 6th secret source which is revealed right before the event starts.
  • Editors bring their own music, and do their best to create an AMV using all of the sources provided.
  • Winner receives a shiny medallion and gets to come back next year and do it again!

We’ve been known to deviate from the standard rules from time to time to make things more interesting.

While the competitors are editing, we screen various AMVs and play a variety of audience participation games for fabulous prizes.

Render-chan, the current Iron Editor mascot, was created by Rinny Wilson and first appeared at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006.

The name “Iron Editor” is a registered service mark of Victor Boruta (USPTO registration number 3605755) and may not be used without permission.


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